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Excellence ... It’s an expectation and a lifestyle for Bass Artist Dr. Darren DeVoue. When he picks up
his beloved instrument you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the magnitude of talent
possessed by this gentle-man who also resides as Executive Advisor to the world's leading provider
of business software. There are blends that unexplainably, effortlessly, gracefully work ... for which there is no formula. “Dr. D” is a fine example of intellect and musical ambassadorship on a mission
to inspire people to live by faith.

Dr. D’s distinctive combination of business acumen and musical passion are displayed by his
extraordinary stage presence. Upon listening, followers have described his style of play as an
intentional mixture of contemporary/urban/jazz/gospel blend culminated to provoke a unique


His innate ability to transpose a zest for life and achievement into art are priceless attributes that help him to identify and engage musically with diverse audiences. “Dr. D’s” musical influence is sparked from a variety of artists such as Charlie Mingus, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, JacoPastourius, and many others. His musical endeavors began at age 11 with his father, a clarinetist for over 60 years, and remains the primary inspiration for his love of music.


Darren DeVoue’s Philadelphia musical roots without benefit of formal training were acquired through mimicking and intense study of a variety of musicians around the world. He is dedicated to continuing his exploration of its influences on modern behavior and within universal culture.


A world traveler, Dr. D believes that there’s no place like his Philadelphia home base to showcase his talent. He quotes “Philadelphia has been host to some of the greatest musicians in the world. It is an honor and a privilege to grace the stages of so many before me.” From venues such as Warmdaddy’s to the annual festival stages of cultural and community pride for which our “City ofBrotherly Love” has become so famous ... From downtown hip to mainline country club chic, Dr.DeVoue has graced the circuits.

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